Wednesday, April 21, 2010


“I hear babies cry and I watch them grow,
They’ll learn much more than we’ll ever know
And I think to myself... what a wonderful world.”
I knew it would happen, but honestly thought time would move slower than it has. My baby is 14 today! People used to say to me, "enjoy every minute because it will be gone tomorrow! " I knew I was enjoying my little ones, and also knew it would go quickly...just not this quickly!!
Ashtyn Sarai came into this world on April 21, 1996. She was such a joy from the second she was born! She was born with this "old soul" sort of spirit. She has always had this amazing wisdom about her that radiates to everyone around her.

We are so blessed that she chose us to be her parents! She teaches me everyday about unconditional love, patience and understanding, and was sent here to bring such happiness into our lives. She is so loved, cherished, and appreciated. How lucky I am to call her daughter.
I am always amazed as I watch her grow. Ashtyn has become such a lady. Conversation with her is enough to fill my heart and break it at the same time. Oh, how she is growing…

things i want to remember about ash this past year...
she always tries to make everyone around her happy
she loves animals
every morning she says "it's going to be an AMAZING day"
she loves Volkswagen Bugs and Hummers
volleyball is her life
make-up is her new BFF
she wants a new purse every time we go to the store, but she never carries them. :)
her eyes dance when she laughs
Christmas is her favorite Holiday
she loves the Gospel


hanging out at Great Grandma Rees'

Ash, Chan & Kyah Marie

Fishing at the trout farm in Utah

Muttin Bustin...

Ash and Alissa Morrison

Ash and Anz

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Michael Bolton

A couple of weeks ago I saw an add in the newspaper announcing that Michael Bolton was coming to Idaho Falls, and thought I would really like to go. I always liked his music but as soon as I put the paper down I forgot all about it.
Then on Sunday we got a call from Ben's uncle Tim, who happens to be Michael Bolton's road manager asking us if we would like to come to the show!! We were so thrilled to hear from him because he travels a lot and we haven't seen him in 6 years. Ben grew up thinking his uncle was a "rock star" (because he has always worked for rock stars) so I think Ben was happier to see him than Michael Bolton, but we all had a great time..the girls LOVED the VIP treatment they got from Uncle Tim, and fell in love with the Saxophone players music! They were able to go backstage and get pictures and see all of the music equipment they had. Ash loved the piano and Chan loved the guitars!
I just wish we would have had more time to spend with uncle Tim but it was so nice to see him.

Ben with his Uncle Tim

Ash got to play the Piano, she thought that was sweet!
Chan sporting her VIP pass and posing with the guitars!
Ashtyn & Chan with Uncle Tim
Uncle Tim, The Sax player with the girls
Ash and Chan with the Sax player, he was so amazing too by the way! I have never heard anyone play the way this guy can! I would have got pictures of him playing but we were so mesmerized by his music! haha!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This Easter was so COLD and WINDY WINDY WINDY!! It sure was not our typical "Springtime weather".

We decided that after the passing of Gramps that we needed to try to get out of our sad moods, brave the weather and go Easter Egg hunting!! The kids loved it anyway and hardly noticed the weather..

I loved that Easter and Conference were on the same weekend! I very much enjoyed the messages that were shared with us this weekend and hope that every day I can strive to be a better wife, mother, sister and friend.

We were so lucky to have my brother Bryce and his beautiful family up here to celebrate with us. We never get company, so we were thrilled they decided to come up. Their little baby Jayda is so fun and it was a great experience to celebrate her very first Easter with her! On Saturday Ben, Bryce and Jensen went out hunting, while Ashtyn, Chandler and Aubrey made watch bands, they turned out really cute, and now my girls want one in every color of their wardrobe! We all had such a great weekend! Thanks for sharing your Holiday with us guys!! Love you!
Even with all the craziness of the weekend it was nice to stop and reflect on the real reason we celebrate this wonderful Holiday! I am so thankful for my elder brother Jesus Christ for the
sacrifice he made for me, that I could have everlasting life!

Goodbye for now..

This past week has been a hard one in our family. On Monday March 29th my dear Grandpa Schow left this world and his ailing body. Saying goodbye to him was a very hard thing to do, I was able to be there with my famiy to tell him I loved him as he left this life peacefully.

Gramps loved his family so much, and loved being a grandpa!

I hope that some of the great things he taught us through example can be passed down to my children. We were so lucky to have him in our lives. He was so loved and will be greatly missed!

Some of the things I want to remember about Gramps..

He was always smiling.

He always had something to laugh about.
He would tell us stories.

Every single time us kids left his house he would say "be a good doobie" even when I became an adut he said it, he said it to all of us every time! I will miss hearing that!!

My Grams would get nervous with us all running all over the place, (being the rowdy children we were) so he would take us downstairs and play "hide the penny" so she could have a chance to visit with the adults. His ears were big enough to hold the penny in his ear. We would get such a kick out of that! As soon as we got in the car to leave we were asking our parents for pennies to stick in our ears!! :)

He always insisted that we didn't leave the house unless he could feed us first. Egg Salad Sandwiches will always remind me of Gramps.

As long as I can remember he always would tell us how lucky he was to have married the most beautiful woman in the world. He always called my Grams Lou-Lou...I loved that nick-name he had for her.
In one of our most recent visits I made a comment to him about how much I admired his and Grams relationship and how lucky they are to have not only stayed married but stayed in LOVE for 66 years. He said "how could you not love a beauty like this? she's everything!" I will never forget the LOVE my Grandparents share. Your marriage is an insperation to us all, and just knowing that our Father in Heaven loves us so much that he gave us the Plan of Salvation and a Savior to teach us by example, so that we can remain together as families after our life on earth is over is such a comfort to me.
I LOVE you GRAMPS and know how much you are loved and will be missed.