Monday, January 31, 2011

Well she has done it again...
Blayre has been our little injury child! She always has bumps and bruises on her head since she could crawl around!
Ashtyn was carrying the Kitchen Aid out to the pantry and Blayre was being her wild child self and ran right into her splitting open her head right below the eye brow.
We had to rush her to the Emergency Room because we could tell she needed stitches, it was quite a gash!
While we were there at the Hospital she was so good, I could hardly believe it she was such a trooper!! She had been playing Dr. with Anz all weekend, they had out their babies and were playing was so cute. So Blayre had been saying all weekend..I need to go to the Hospital and get a new head!! haha!!
So she go her wish in a way...she got to go to the Hospital! :)
She was talking to the Dr. telling him that she would be fine and she will like her "new head" it was so cute! They were so impressed with her good behavior because she did not move a muscle while she was getting stitched up, so she got a new teddy bear and named him Blue!! haha...what a weekend!!!Check Spelling
See the other bruise going right down her little forehead?..ya, she ran into the door a few days ago....