Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Goodness..I have so much to be grateful for! A loving Heavenly Father who blessed me with the best family ever. A husband that loves me so much! He is my best friend I couldn't ask for a better man. A holiday to celebrate the birth of our brother our advocate our friend, who was born into this life for the sole purpose of saving us!!
Every Christmas Eve it is tradition that we decorate sugar cookies!! we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. The kids love it!
We love to just be home and hang out..the kids make up beds in the living room to catch Santa and leave out notes, cookies and nagly (egg nog and sprite mixed together).

Christmas morning..we actually got the kids to sleep until 7 am! whoo hoo!We eat sticky buns every Christmas morning!! yum yum! :) Blayre, Ash and Dad were sick on Christmas Day! :( PaPa had surgery on his knee the day before Christmas eve as well!

Jensen got his 17 and hunting clothes he wanted SO BAD!Anz got her disco ball she wanted..
We had a very low key Christmas just the way we LOVE it!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Blayre!

Our little Princess turned 3!!!
She has been looking forward to her birthday for months! Seeing how her Birthday is the same week as Christmas, we try to make it special for her!
This year she wanted a PRINCESS PARTY!! ... say no more!! This is right up my alley!! (I had so much fun doing her hair and sprinkling her with glitter!!) :)
I took her to Wal-Mart and we picked out a dress, tiara and shoes!! She loved it! We celebrated with family and great friends!! ...
Happy Birthday baby!Uncle Zachy got her a "princess" microphone that sings! she loves doesn't!Grandma Holley got her blocks! she loves them.I tried to get her to do the "3" but she wanted to play...this was the best I got!!
She loves her "Belle" shoes they light up and sing when she walks..And Princess Blayre is now.....Sleeping Beauty!! Fun, Fun, FUN DAY!!


Saturday, December 18, 2010


It is no secret I LOVE PICTURES I always have. When we found this amazing photographer years ago I was so thrilled because he has such amazing taste and is so talented.
He came all the way up here from Ogden, Uah to take our pictures this fall. I just wanted to share these of my little one.
to see more of Scott's work go to

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ward Christmas party 2010

This year our ward did a breakfast Christmas party..other than it being early for a Saturday it was really nice.
The Primary did the traditional manger scene and sang Christmas songs. It was so sweet seeing all the little kids up there waving to their parents and trying to sing louder than the kid next to them! :)
Jensen was asked to be a wise man, and Anz was one of the angels. I tried to get some good pictures from where I was sitting but Jensen was hidden behind all the little cows :)

SANTA was just about to make his BIG appearance!! Anz could hardly wait!

Blayre just marched right up there and sat on his lap! She wasn't scared one bit! It was so adorable!
Jensen thought he was a little TOO big to sit on Santa's lap, but I wanted a picture, so I asked him to! Who knows he may get what he wants this year for Christmas ;)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Real Meaning of Christmas