Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Bubba..

We really did not plan on having 4 children's birthdays with in 6 weeks of each other, that is just how it turned out!! *wink*
Jensen Rees blessed our lives 10 years ago!
He has been almost a perfect child! He is kind, compasionate, loving, shy, loves to please, ..everyone who knows him always coments on how kind he is! Having all sisters is hard on him at times, but he loves them. Him and Anz play constantly and Blayre always knows Jens will do whatever she wants! He always takes such good care of Blayre and Anz when he watches them for me from time to time!
I wish we could savor every day and realize that we don't always have to complicate life, but enjoy it!

HAPPY 10th!!

Jensens favorite things:

(typical boy!)

there is no blessing like being able to really appreciate the here and now.
(i am feeling so blessed)

and really believing…that real happiness is, and will always be, finding joy in the blessings that are yours.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Anz is 7..

Well, by far that girl is the most original of all our kids!
Anzleigh turned 7 yesterday! No matter how many times I say it, I still can’t believe it, time goes TOO fast!

The other day we went on a Mommy~Anz date… in the car we chatted and I felt such a strong impression of her genuine goodness. She is so thoughtful, able, and smart. I know that she is really thinking about others and their feelings. What a golden quality that is…not to be taken for granted…
This beautiful girl has been blessed with a genuinity that takes my breath away! You never need to guess what she is up to, thinking, or feeling…she is one of a kind…i adore it…

Anz has had a very busy year. She danced with Infinity Dance Studio's this year and made one of their competitive dance teams. She has learned so much and is actually turning out to be an amazing dancer. She has her splits down and is learning most of the jumps. We got to watch her dance in competitions in Utah and Idaho. We just had our end of the year recital and she did awesome! Ash and Chan keep trying to get her to play Volleyball but she isn't interested at all right now!

Anz' favorite things:
Make up by far her # 1
baby animals of any kind
fried chicken with milk gravy
flip flops
straight hair
playing make believe anything, with Blayre
jumping rope

I love you little Anz Happy Birthday beautiful!!

She was singing Happy Birthday to herself! I love this one..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Number 1 baby!!

What a weekend!! WOW! Ashtyn's volleyball team placed high enough over the season to go to the Jr. Olympics qualifier Friday and Saturday. They came in 1st place over the course of the season against all of the 14's division in the Intermountain West! :)
We started Friday night and won the games in pool play. Saturday we finished up pool play and won all of the games again! So going into the Championship games we had to beat 2 other teams!
The Champion of the other pool was the team we thought we would match up with again.. "Extreme" out of Weber County Utah they are so amazing!! they have been our biggest rival all year, they would beat us then we would beat we knew we would probably meet up with them again in the Championship game. We did... and... WE WON!! The girls are off to Reno Nevada to compete nationally in the Jr. Olympics the end of June. Pocatello Elite has only had one other team qualify in 2006 and they ended up coming in 3rd place nationally, so this is HUGE for us!! We couldn't be more excited for them! What a deal, Ash is so so so happy! This will be something she will remember for years to come!!
Thank you so much to our family members who have supported our girls this season, by coming to watch them and donating money for the fundraisers!

Ash passing


Ashtyn lining up to get introduced. Getting ready to play Extreme for the Championship.

Grandma Durfey! It was so cute her and Ash were jumping up and down it was so funny!

Coaches Tawna & Katie

Uncle Bryce, Aunt Aubrey and baby "zayda" (Jayda) came to cheer on Ash! :) thanks guys!
Ash showing off her "CHAMPION" shirt! Ben was so happy he bought her whatever she wanted! he dropped almost 100 bucks on those sweats and T-shirt!! ahh! It was so worth it though she worked so hard and she loves it!!