Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kids pictures..

It has been so crazy busy at our house... I have so many things to share about our Summer, school, volleyball and football! We love our fun but crazy unorganized life!
We did take some time to get some fun cute pictures of the kids! This first one won 3rd place at the Fair this year! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chan is 14!

                                                                 Chan is 14!! WOW!
We were in Utah for Ashtyn's volleyball tournament so it worked out well for Chan this year because she got to go shopping with Grandma Holley and Aunt Aubrey made her most favorite cake ever! Red velvet!!
It was also mothers day so we were able to go to church with my mom and grandma at their ward it was really nice to spend the day with them.
fun and eventful weekend!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anzleigh's Baptism shoot!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We were building our chicken coop and this happened!!

Just blessed it was not worse!

He had to have a plastic surgeon fix him up at the ER!!

His muscle in his lip was cut so he will scar but thankfully he will be OK!

Those chickens better be worth it! :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ash 15!

I have NO idea how and why time flies by so quickly..
I really try not to let it make me sad, and really just try my best
to savor these ones I love so much..
we all say as mothers...these little ones are the best part of our lives..
in reality...
they are the best part of ourselves..
and time..just teaches us to be present and enjoy them..
..this I know...
because somehow..I blinked...
and she turned 15!!!

It is a tradition with our kids to wake them up at MIDNIGHT the morning of their birthday..they LOVE IT! Ben and I set the alarm and wake them up and sing happy birthday to them! We are never organized enough to find candles and something to put them in, so we usually just wing it and use what ever we can find around the house!
I usually try to get some good pictures so they can laugh at them the next morning...

This year was different though..I cried after we sang to her...
..the reality hit me...3 more years is all we have left with her before she is all grown up and off to college..
have we done enough to prepare her for life? I don't know..
what I do that she has been the greatest gift I have ever been given!
We love YOU Ash!!!
Happy 15th baby girl!

Ash had volleyball practice on her Birthday so we took cupcakes to celebrate! She just loves her team mates..Jacque is such a jokester and such a fun girl! She took Ash's cupcake and shoved it right in her face...I caught this one right before it can see her getting ready to give it a shove right to Ash's face!!

So they had fun with it and got icing all over each other!!

Her whole team minus one..

When we got home her friend Jake came over to bring Ash her very OWN huge chocolate chip cookie..with the sweetest card!

Then our family time!..Ben made her favorite cake..home made banana cream cheese cake! It is divine!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Patricks Day Fun...

Those pesky Leprechauns got into our house and toilet papered it! They tipped the kitchen chairs upside down on top of the counter, turned our milk green, and even left a little Leprechaun kiss on Anzleigh's cheek! She even found a piece of toilet paper that had some little footprints left by the mischievous creatures! She was so excited about it that she even took the toilet paper with the little footprints on them to school to prove to her class mates that we got "Leprechauned"!
Anz's proof Leprechauns were here..

Anz was sporting a 4 leaf clover in her hair...just for luck! :)
Blayre and I made rainbow cup cakes, green jello jigglers and green pop corn balls for the kids when the got home from school! :)