Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Patricks Day Fun...

Those pesky Leprechauns got into our house and toilet papered it! They tipped the kitchen chairs upside down on top of the counter, turned our milk green, and even left a little Leprechaun kiss on Anzleigh's cheek! She even found a piece of toilet paper that had some little footprints left by the mischievous creatures! She was so excited about it that she even took the toilet paper with the little footprints on them to school to prove to her class mates that we got "Leprechauned"!
Anz's proof Leprechauns were here..

Anz was sporting a 4 leaf clover in her hair...just for luck! :)
Blayre and I made rainbow cup cakes, green jello jigglers and green pop corn balls for the kids when the got home from school! :)


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