Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We were building our chicken coop and this happened!!

Just blessed it was not worse!

He had to have a plastic surgeon fix him up at the ER!!

His muscle in his lip was cut so he will scar but thankfully he will be OK!

Those chickens better be worth it! :)


Laura said...

Ah Ben!!! What happened exactly?!?!?!?
That must of HURT so bad!!! I feel so bad for you! But you're right! Thankfully it wasnt worse. Poor thing. Make sure you put
Vitamin E (the DL Alpha not the D Alpha kind)
That should help with the scarring immensely!
Speedy Healing man!
Lon, call me....lets catch up!

Shooting Star said...

Bryce showed me that picture! Poor guy, that looks really deep.

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